4 Facts about E-Cigarettes You Probably Don’t Know


ecigfactsProbably you have heard a lot of rumors and speculations in regard to electronic cigarettes more so if you are currently a smoker. It is essential for you to know the facts about e cigs before you try them out. For more comprehensive information, check out the CASAA.

1. E cigarettes are not bad despite having nicotine. Despite the fact that nicotine is very addictive, studies have proven that it has minimal effects to the body. The problem with traditional cigarettes is the smoke, chemicals and additives that are found in it.

2. E cigarettes will not explode under normal circumstances. Unless you use batteries that are not specified for your type, disregard instructions or tinker with the e liquid, nothing will happen. You need to learn as much as you can and you will see that most e cigs are not going to explode in your face when you adhere to manufacturer’s instructions.

3. E cigs are affordable and do not contain chemicals. This is however going to depend on the brand. Most e cigs are efficient in so many ways especially when it comes to cost. Refills cost less than traditional cigarettes. In terms of chemicals, it is going to depend of the product. If people are not marketing and selling dangerous things, chances are that it will catch up big time. It is therefore essential to choose your brand wisely by researching the market and opting for those that have a good reputation. If you want more information on electronic cigarettes, check out Quit Smoking Community’s Guide to the Best Electronic Cigarettes on the Market. They have the Top 10 e-cigarettes on the market as well as a lot more information in general.

4. E cigs do not cause cancer due to the fact that they do not have tobacco and leave no tar. The main carcinogenic elements are not present in order to create a problem the way cigarette smoke does.It is therefore essential to know these facts of e cigs since there are a lot of misconceptions about it. You should not be gullible and accept things that have no basis without doing your research.

The Provari a Premier Electronic Cigarette




The Provari electronic cigarette is in a class of its own. Lots of work has been put into the design of this E-Cig and it is far from the normal. Made in the USA with high quality parts, the Provari is one of the finest in the market. If you are looking for a luxury E-Cig then the Provari is the one for you.

There are a few things that one should consider before purchasing a Provari electronic cigarette. First and foremost this isn’t a beginner E-Cig. If you have just stopped smoking and wish to transition to an E-Cig the Provari is probably not for you. The shape and look of the Provari doesn’t look anything like a normal cigarette and might be a turn off for those who have just stopped smoking. Another issue with the Provari is the price. Costing several hundred dollars this E-Cig might be too costly for someone just getting into the electronic cigarette trend. The Provari is more for the experienced electronic cigarette user.

If you have been using other E-Cigs and are ready to step up your user experience then the Provari is for you. There is really no other brand in the market today that can compare to this fine E-Cig. If you are looking for power then look no further. A normal E-Cig has an output of 7 watts, while the Provari puts out a whopping 12 watts of power. You might ask yourself why you would need such power; well the simple answer is vapor. The more power you have the more vapor output you get. The Provari puts out double the amount of vapor than a normal E-Cig, giving you a higher quality experience. The great thing about having all this power is being able to control it. The built in LED output screen allows you to adjust the voltage thus controlling the level of vapor.

If you have been on the market for the latest and greatest electronic cigarette why not check out the Provari. It comes in many different colors so you have a lot to choose from. Why not give this great little E-Cig a try.

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes


Rechargeable Electronic Refill Cigarette

Over the past few years, rechargeable electronic cigarettes have been taking the world by storm. First created in China in 2003, these electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, have made there way to many countries all over the world and were introduced to the US in 2007. They’ve been showing up all over the place in advertisements, campaigns, and the hands of tons of celebrities. Users claims that they help aide in the struggle to quit smoking, or at least allow the user to cut down on smoking real cigarettes tremendously. No studies done have been able to truly prove whether this is fact or fiction. If you are interested in quitting or just interested in this product all together, read on to understand how they really work.

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes are battery-powered devices, that come equipped with an atomizer and a rechargeable battery as well as a replaceable cartridge. The electronic cigarette can be charged via a USB cord that it usually screwed onto the cigarette and then plugged into a USB port. The cartridge does contain nicotine, but the toxins used are in trace amounts, and can be compared to nicotine replacement therapy. The nicotine inside the cartridge is submerged in a mix of glycerine and water, which can be flavored to your liking. As the user takes a pull, the battery heats up the liquid inside and vaporizes it, delivering a minute hit of nicotine. The cartridge is usually made to last the equivalent of up to 25 cigarettes, and the cigarette itself can be used continuously for approximately 2-5 hours before it needs to be recharged. The cost is also another benefit of rechargeable e-cigs. They are usually sold in a kit which includes the cigarette itself with the rechargeable battery, at least one cartridge, a USB charger, and sometimes even a case. All of this can be purchased for anywhere between $30-$100, making this more affordable to most than purchasing real cigarettes, which can cost $7 and up per pack.
Whether or not to purchase and utilize is completely up to you. Some argue that they are better than actual cigarettes, others disagree. But whatever the case may be, there is no denying that they have become a serious trend throughout the world. Is this just another fad or are these here for the long-run? Only time will tell.